Meet Diane

Diane Poppleton-Brown

Diane Poppleton-Brown is a master Reiki healer whose core values of openness and integrity are at the heart of her practice. Healing has been a focal point of her life for many years and she began practising professionally in 2004 following four years of training. Diane’s primary focus is her client’s comfort and wellbeing. For her, Reiki goes beyond simple relaxation and becomes a powerful tool for improving a person’s holistic health by harnessing the natural healing energy within them.

She says: “I can only describe being a Reiki healer as a privilege. Over the years I have worked with people with many different conditions and knowing that they trust and feel safe with me is a wonderful feeling.”

Originally hailing from New Zealand, Diane moved to the UK in 1988 and now lives in Nottingham with her husband, two children her labradoodle, Loli and cat, Paul. She is a member of the UK Reiki Federation and as such adheres to its comprehensive Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.