Reiki Testimonials

Claire (Nottingham)

"My experience of Reiki with Diane has been absolutely amazing! I strongly believe that her gift of healing is working well (alongside conventional treatments) to rid me of breast cancer. Research proves that holistic treatment in addition to conventional treatments improve the outcomes of cancer. Some hospitals - including Kings Mill, Mansfield - offer it free of charge as they know it has benefits. Unfortunately, my hospital isn't so progressive so I come to Diane. I wholeheartedly recommend that anyone suffering from any ailment, life-threatening or not, should contact Diane."

Dorothy (Nottingham)

"I cannot express my gratitude enough to Diane for her healing touch. She clearly has a wonderful gift which by sharing with others enhances their lives. Diane ensures that the general well-being of her clients is her prime aim and the sessions are undertaken in a tranquil and very caring atmosphere. I suffered with arthritis in my knees for three years to the point where walking was extremely painful. Thanks to Diane I now look forward to having pain-free walks every day with my two little dogs. Thank you Diane."

Steven (Auckland, New Zealand)

"The next day the pain was completely gone."

Phil (Leicester)

"I'm a natural sceptic and pragmatist but Reiki has worked wonders for my arthritis. Often symptoms completely go by the next day."

Lesley (Nottingham)

"Diane gives healing in a safe and caring environment. Her skills are remarkable. Diane encourages me to work with her and together we have created my own 'tailor made' healing package. A long standing debilitating stomach pain completely disappeared after a few treatments. Now I see Diane for regular 'topups' to boost my energy levels. I leave these sessions feeling uplifted and renewed on all levels."

Ade (Nottingham)

"At first it is like magic but after a while you just expect it to work."

Shell (Nottingham)

"I'm writing to thank you for the healing you have given me this past year. I was told I had breast cancer in December and had to have chemotherapy for 6 months so we started healing at the same time. I have to say it has helped me so much, it worked alongside my chemo and other treatments, you even did it at the hospital while I was having chemo. Without the healing I don't think I would have felt as good as I did. So thank you once again."

Gill (Nottingham)

"I found that combining Reiki with Diane with my progress through a range of hospital cancer treatments enabled me to feel that I was so much more in control of the healing process. She delivered a healing touch through relaxation, listening and counselling, and making me more open to what I could do to think and feel myself well, even at the most difficult moments of my treatment. I recommend her treatment whole heartedly."

Darren (Nottingham)

"A friend recommended that I tried Reiki and at first I was sceptical, I guess like most people I tended not to believe in the unknown. By the time of my first session I was ready to try anything having gone through an unsuccessful period of prescribed medicine. I contacted Diane and arranged my first session. At first I found it difficult to express in words my experience other than 'what happened there!' I felt tired but instantly a different person, physically and mentally. The positive effect my sessions with Diane have had on me, my health and feeling of well-being have been nothing short of life-changing. I would thoroughly recommend Diane as an authentic and truly gifted Reiki Master. She is also an extremely knowledgeable practitioner in alternative methods of improving a persons health, wellbeing and spirituality".

Sim (Nottingham)

“My Reiki sessions with Diane are simply wonderful! They have now become a core part of my health and wellbeing ‘regime’ and I especially feel super lucky to have met Diane. She has worked with me through a difficult period in my life – and for me it’s the Reiki combined with Diane’s unique approach – generosity of kindness, understanding, humour …as well as a brilliant sense of reality which helps me to develop strength in respect to ‘peace of mind’. Each session I learn something new and move forward. I hugely recommend Diane”.